Lost / Found Guidelines

Missing Poster

Losing your pet is a huge fear shared by every pet owner. When your beloved pet goes missing, emotions run high and it is an extremely traumatic experience. All too often we hear of animals either going missing or being found, would you know what to do if your pet went missing?

Whether you are a pet owner yourself, provide dog walking services or own a parlour, you should have a crisis plan in place should any animal in your care going missing. Below I have included guidelines to follow should you lose a pet or pick up a stray animal.

  • Have a recent updated photo of the missing pet, ensure the photo is stored on both your cellphone and computer
  • Contact the vets and rescue organisations in the area where the pet went missing / Take the found pet to your nearest vet / welfare to check if it has a microchip.


CoGH SPCA – lost and found – 02 700 4166
Animal Welfare Society Phillippi – 021 692 2626
TEARS -Southern Peninsula – 021785 4482
DARG – Hout Bay – 021 790 2050

  • Return to the area the pet went missing in or was found. Spend a few minutes whistling and calling, ask members of the public if they have seen the dog or know who the found dog belongs to.
  • Prepare a flyer with relevant information about your pet, include the pets name and a physical description. Contact information should include you name, telephone number and cellphone number. Include a photograph on the flyer and have these photocopied. Post and distribute flyers wherever your pet was seen / found, as well as in local vets, welfare organisations and local cafes.
  • If you have found an animal, do not provide too much information, give some leading clues and then leave it up to the owner to correctly identify their pet. Ensure you supply the location the pet was lost / found, date and the time.
  • Take advantage of the lost and found ads in your local and community newspapers. Place a ‘lost dog’ advert as soon as possible, and be sure to check the newspapers daily for any pets that have been found.


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