The Law of the Wild


Many wild animals worldwide are cruelly taken from or deprived of their natural environments and placed in circuses where they are forced to perform unnatural tricks with cruel and harsh consequences for the animals who are condemned to a life of misery.

Why do circuses continue to use wild animals? For the entertainment of an indifferent and apathetic minority. Until we ALL take a firm stand against this archaic and inhumane form of bemusement, circuses will tragically continue to ply their perverse trade.

The incident that was recently flighted on Carte Blanche showed just one of the many cruelty cases encountered in circuses. However, physical violence is not the only form of cruelty or fear that these unfortunate animals have to unnecessarily endure. Very often animals travel long distances, moving from town to town. Chained and en-caged in confined containers for long periods of time.

There is irrefutable proof that wild animals suffer severe stress as a consequence of being in the circus. Many show acute signs of stress including anxiety and depression and suffer premature death as a consequence. In fact no animal is immune but wild animals are especially susceptible.

Over 30 countries worldwide have banned the use of wild animals in circuses, with the UK recently announcing that in December 2015 wild animals will be banned from performing in circuses. The popularity of circuses using animals is on the decline. Circuses that feature only human performers, such as the Zip Zap Circus and Cirque Du Solei are increasing in popularity and provide glamorous, cruelty-free, spectacular entertainment. Such forms of entertainment deserve our support and patronage.

It’s up to us to say enough is enough and to STOP supporting circuses that use animals in their shows.

Together we can make a difference. Wild animals belong in the wild!

Feel free to comment and share your opinions.

Until next time, Jess


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