The Animal Rescue Organisation (ARO) has a new look! We will be unveiling this look during the course of July 2013.

The ARO staff and committee have spent hours of devising to reveal this fresh, modern new look, without forgetting our heritage and how ARO originated. As an organisation we felt it necessary to realign our brand and reflect the growth and accomplishment of ARO throughout its 27 years of existence.

Our new brand is to be carried through all of ARO’s digital and printed communications and marketing collateral; as well as the branding of our Charity Shops, vehicles and Mobile Animal Steriisation Unit (MASU). We hope to have this transition completed by the end of 2013.

The ARO would like to extend a huge thank you to MA Design for sponsoring the design and concept of our new logo and for taking our ideas and turning them into a reality. 

Please feel free to comment on this post and give us your thoughts!

Until next time



One thought on “ARO HAS A NEW LOOK

  1. Hi, Please, I have been trying to access your home site shop forages but NOTHING on that site clicks through and connects, I cannot find a “contact us” email or phone number anywhere…
    Please could you tell me if you have any of the black hoodies with animal rescue on the back and that cat and dog outline? I actually wrote to you last week about this but have had no response. tc

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