Friendly Farewell…

ImageWell this is it, my last official blog as Communications and Events Coordinator of the Animal Rescue Organisation. Although my leaving is bittersweet, I leave with excitement, knowing that ARO has entered the online world and will continue to flourish here. It is with pleasure that I introduce, Karen De Klerk as new editor to the blog.

My job has been tremendously rewarding. I have met and worked with many terrific people, and learned a great deal about fundraising, NPO’s and Communications. It has been a great experience and one which will always be close to my heart  – the welfare of those that cannot speak for themselves.

I particularly want to thank Karen (head of fundraising), who provided me with this wonderful opportunity who has willing shared her knowledge and expertise in fundraising with me. Also to the rest of the AROTeam – what a compassionate and driven bunch of individuals you are!

Finally, I want to thank you, the friends, followers and supporters, for being out there, making it possible for ARO to continue providing the many animals with the care they so justly deserve.

This is not goodbye, as I am sure to see you at the many ARO events and other doggy do’s!

Until then,



The Animal Rescue Organisation is losing out on hundreds of rands in donations due to collection tins, being stolen from shop counters or individuals posing as staff members and removing tins.

A snapshot of a suspected thief, who has been seen in the Helderberg area is on file and has been given to all shop managers in the vicinity. We have over a thousand tins situated on shop counters in and around the Cape Metropole, and they bring in over R12 000 per month, this is a significant amount and one which assists ARO greatly.

Despite the recent thefts, members of public wanting to donate / place money in the tins should not hesitate, we are keeping a close eye on all our tins and it is now compulsory that each tin is secured to the shop counter by chain and only persons with an ID card may collect a tin.

I am not posting this article to put the public off donating via our collection tins, as it is a vital part of our monthly income, however, we are appealing to all shop owners and employees to be more vigilant. Shop owners and employees are to request identification from the person removing a tin, especially if they do not provide a replacement tin.

I would like to thank all the outlets that allow us to place our collection tins on their counters, it is greatly appreciated, and all the small change is making a BIG difference.

If you have any further information or to request a collection tin be placed in your shop, kindly contact the Animal Rescue Organisation on 021 396 5511.

Until next time